Mark Dawson is the lead vocalist and bass player for the legendary pop/rock group The Grass Roots. Also a multi-instrumentalist and solo recording artist with several CD's to his credit. You may also know Dawson as the syndicated on-air host of "making noise with Mark Dawson" on Hall of Fame Music Radio, Surf 97.3 FM and Our Generation Radio, as well as author of the hilarious book, "Even More Noise". You can view bio, photosvideos and discography by clicking the appropriate links in the menu

Check the list of tour dates to find out when Mark will be in your area. And be sure to tune in to "making noise with Mark Dawson" LIVE at 9pm eastern time Thursday nights.

New Music Soon!

I’ve finished my new record, "Once More, With Feeling", and it’s available now


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..................Recent Happenings

- 7/1/22 -  New CD "Once More With Feeling" released
- 6/10/22 - New Single "Human Touch" released
- 5/24/21 - “For You” released. 14 new songs on CD.
- 3/11/21 - "Let Me Comfort You" released to Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music   
- 2/12/21 - Mark signs with “Shut in Sessions“ from Leestvall Records.
- 7/2/20 -  "All My Best" CD released - 15 original songs by Mark Dawson
- 3/18/20 - "In Isolation" released to Apple Music, Spotify, 
- 210/20 - Pandemic halts all live music!
- 10/12/18 - Mark joins the on-air staff at "Hall of Fame Music Radio"  Saturdays from 6-8pm EST
- 8/18/18 - Mark joins the staff at "Surf 97.3 FM" - Sundays from 8-10pm EST 
- 5/15/18 - New CD "Straight To The Heart" - 12 new songs released.


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