June 6, 2018

The Heart and Soul of Rock N Roll - Oldies 103.3 Gainesville, has announced that Mark Dawson will be joining their on-air staff beginning on June 8, 2018. 
 Dawson, who these days is the lead singer and bass player for the classic rock band The Grass Roots, will be bringing his “making noise with Mark Dawson“ radio program to Gainesville, FL in the 3-5pm Saturday afternoon time slot on Oldies 103.3

 Mark has been doing his “making noise” show on OurGenerationRadio since 2013, and will now join Chris Roth, Johnny “B” and several other local on-air personalities on the area’s newest “oldies” station, The Heart and Soul of Rock N Roll - Oldies 103.3  Music fans in the Gainesville/Ocala region can hear the show on 103.3 FM, others can listen online on TuneIn Radio at https://tunein.com/radio/oldies-1033-1033-s293429 - The official station website is www.hitradio1033.com

Welcome to MarkDawson.us

Mark Dawson is the lead vocalist and bass player for the legendary pop/rock group The Grass Roots. Also a multi-instrumentalist and solo recording artist with several CD's to his credit. You may also know Dawson as the on-air host of "making noise with Mark Dawson" on WOGR radio, as well as author of the hilarious book, "Even More Noise". You can view bio, photosvideos and discography by clicking the appropriate links in the menu

Take a look at the list of tour dates to find out when Mark will be in your area. And be sure to tune in to "making noise with Mark Dawson" on WOGR at 9pm eastern time Thursday nights.

Be sure to visit Mark's wonderful music-making families The Grass Roots and Simulcast. And also check out his radio archive page.

"Straight To The Heart" - New CD

"Straight To The Heart" - 12 new songs, including original music and classic songs from the Beach Boys, the Box Tops, Steely Dan and more. Click here to stream now. 

Listen to Mark Dawson

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  1. 1 It's 1967 (Again) 03:37 Info
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  2. 2 God Only Knows 02:56 Info
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  3. 3 Pretzel Logic 03:36 Info
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  4. 4 Loveland 03:31
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  5. 5 Another One Of Those Days 03:49
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  6. 6 She's So Unusual (Rock/Soul Remix 2015) 03:25 Info
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  7. 7 Rainbow Connection 02:57 Info
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  8. 8 The Ukulele Song 02:57 Info
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                                      ...RECENT HAPPENINGS...

- 6/8/18 - Mark joins the on-air staff at "The Heart and Soul of Rock N Roll - Oldies 103.3 Gainesville" - Saturdays from 3-5pm EST 

- 5/15/18 - New CD "Straight To The Heart" - 12 new songs recorded at Zippity Do Dah Studios

- 2/5/18 - Photos from the Flower Power Cruise

- 11/25/17 - Sold out solo show at the Blue Bamboo Center For The Arts in Winter Park, Florida (photos here)

- 12/1/16 released "Off The Grid". New CD, all new material. Available also on iTunes and Spotify and CDbaby.com


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All Mark Dawson solo CD's are available here, You can also download mp3's from iTunes. "Chapter Two", Mark's first CD, has been re-released at Amazon.com (or mp3 downloads here). For info on music by the Grass Roots visit www.the-grassroots.com
Don't forget to check out the line-up of tour dates for The Grass Roots and all Mark's solo shows in your area.

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