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The DawsonBass.com Collection
Custom designed "repurposed" bass guitars. Made by me - for you!
**The Dawsonbass.com collection features instruments assembled by hand, using original Fender parts, and/or Fender approved replacement parts
To have your custom repurposed bass brought to life, send an email to Dawsonbass@iCloud.com
and tell me what you're looking for. All pricing is agreed upon in advance. Thank you.

Have it customized the way you want it!

Fender P-Bass Deluxe. Olympic White with a turquoise "pearl" pickguard

Autographed by all artists and band from the 2016 "Happy Together Tour". Sent to auction to benefit RockPink.com of Central Florida

P-bass, blizzard pearl.

Selections from the past

Sea Foam Green with a maple neck!

Red sSparkle P-Bass Deluxe with Purple "Pearloid" pick guard

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